What do you mean by Continuous Shots and Prints
This means, we will shoot and print continuously throughout your event; nice and steady.

Why do you have two Facebook pages
In late 2015 while uploading albums to our Facebook page, we realized that the uploads where failing. This might be a problem with our page having too many albums so we went ahead and opened up a second Facebook page for the newer uploads.

Why are that the systems deployed nowadays no longer in a backpack?
The market has been sending feedback to our team that they want faster printing with more prints, thus we have redesigned our system with bigger and faster printers. The downside is we can’t mount them as back packs anymore. The upside is that we are still mobile and can shoot your whole event and at the same time produce more prints for your guests to take home :). Thanks for the all your feedback!

When the printer is busy printing, can the PhotoMan continue taking shots?
Yes, He can continue taking shots and these will be added to the print queue.

Does the PhotoMan print all the shots?
The PhotoMan takes a lot of shots in an event, even multiple shots per pose. They only print the best ones, not all the photos.

Does the PhotoMan do recopies? 
Yes, the PhotoMan does recopies. We limit this since it would tie up our system and we have the rest of the guests to accommodate. We can visit the same group later on in the event and print more photos. It’s important that the rest of the guests get their photos too.

Can we customize the cardboard photo frame?
The cardboard photo frame can not be customized. They are printed out in the thousands. What we can customize is the layout design of the printout. We send the design to your email for approval and revisions.

Do I get the photos in a DVD?
By the default, we do not provide photos in DVD format. You can download all your photos from our Dropbox account. A link to your photos will be sent to you shortly after your event. You can also order a DVD or a USB with your photos.

Do you provide a backdrop
We don’t provide a backdrop. It is not needed since we are roaming your venue.

Why are there multiple copies of the same photos in the files?
When a guest asks for a recopy of a photo, it is sooo much faster to just send the same photo rather than opening up the laptop and fiddling with the OS and print dialogue for another copy. Don’t be surprised if you see multiple copies of one photo in your files.

What time does the PhotoMan arrive in the venue?
The PhotoMan team arrives at the venue one hour before the event.

The guy I talked to on the phone, will he be the PhotoMan for my event?
We have specially trained people to handle the PhotoMan events. The person on the phone most probably wont be the PhotoMan for your event.

How many people are there in one PhotoMan team?
The PhotoMan team is composed of two persons: the photographer and the assistant.

Does the PhotoMan require an electrical outlet?
To a degree, we still need an electrical outlet. Towards the end of the event as our batteries are running low we will have to plug in our system.

Why is there just one photo window in the layout?
Having one window speeds up the printing workflow, which will result with more photos and printouts for the guests. Multiple windows will require multiple shots to get one printout ( frustratingly slow process ).

How long does it take to print a photo?
It takes about a minute to print.

Why do we require just one window in the printout vs 4 windows?
We made an experiment where we had a team with 4 windows and a second team with 1 window for their printing. What we observed was that the 1 window team generated more prints, more photos, and the people tend to gravitate towards them. The guests reasoned that their photos where bigger and they don’t get tied-up and have more chance to mingle and enjoy the event. From our side it was liberating since we can be more comprehensive with our coverage and not get tied up with the same group shooting multiple shots.

How do we contact you?
You can contact us through these numbers: Landline (02)355.2739 , Globe +63917.819.1414, Smart +63998.994.0414. Our Address is 8C Matatag St. Quezon City. We are very close to East Avenue and EDSA

How do we book a PhotoMan for our event?
Kindly complete the online booking form at https://photoman.ph/book

Are you Hiring?
Yes we are continually is search of excellent people. If you are a person of integrity and quality kindly send your resume to