“Everyone was really satisfied with photoman. Most of them found it amusing since it’s new to them. I hope a lot more people get the chance to avail of your services because it’s so innovative…”
Sunshine Kim of UP Broadcasting Association for Full Screen

“Your event photographers were really nice and accommodating; they came on time and quickly gave us the cd after the event as well. We’re really satisfied with the service provided and we’ll definitely be spreading the word about Photoman!”
Dana Tan of UP JMA for ADHOC

“I love the concept! I love the service. I love everything! The guests loved it too! Salute to a job well done! Til the next party guys! See you.”
Vivian Sazon for Royce’s First Birthday

“Your photoman is a hit! May mga natuwang guests someone is amazed pa dahil ang bilis daw ng printing.”

“Hi! A lot of the attendees were very amazed with the Photoman because it’s something they haven’t experienced before. Most people think that it’s actually very convenient… everyone in the party loved it!”
Makki Mendiola for REDUX

“We’re good! The PhotoMan team is great to work with and we are very happy!”
Miko Javier for Manny’s 50th Birthday

“The PhotoMan was so approachable, eventhough the party was so wild and there was water everywhere he continued to accommodate our guests.”
Mireya Pineda for The JPIA Year-End Party